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About Us - Day trips by Excursion Train

About Us - Day trips by Excursion Train
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Green Express, 21 years promoting special train trips, just like those old 'Merrymaker' day trips by train run by British Railways until the early 1980's.

Our History

Since the first sell-out Settle-Carlisle trip in 1989, when the line was in danger of closing, the 'Green Express' has carried over 85,000 people, over 38 million passenger miles. From a one off protest train by the Huddersfield Green Party, Green Express is now run as a small business, since the fragmentation of the former Britrish Railways made operation of charter trains far more complicated! The Green Express remembers its origins and is committed to promoting public transport and sustainable tourism.
The Green Express promotes public transport by stopping at small local stations, it offers a convenient direct train to an interesting destination, this attracts many who have not used their local station since the popular 'Merrymaker' trains of British Rail finished in the early 1980's. Our rail tours are modelled on that popular concept. The Green Express is renowned for its friendly atmosphere, demonstrated by the high number of elderly and disabled passengers carried each year.

Todays Green Express Railtour

  • Catering: On most trains the Green Party (Snakdragon) provides wholesome catering. This is available throughout the journey, most trains have both a trolley and buffet car service. The Green Express train is the only one on the national network to serve hand pulled ale from the barrel in 'badged glasses' 
  • Recycling:The trains are kept tidy, most waste is recycled, unique on Britains trains.
  • Information: On the train we have a wide range of information about our destinations, we write to all the attractions in the town or city we are visiting, along with their local newspaper. This ensures that our destination is prepared for 600 people arriving! We offer local rail user groups the chance to add their information to our display area along with local groups and societies in the towns and villages we serve.
  • Disabled: For the disabled passenger, we can accomodate manual, folding wheelchairs on the train and give assistance on and off the train. Disabled passengers who have informed the office, are contacted the afternoon before a tour leaves to confirm their requirments and advise them where to wait on the station platform.